Dottie a very special Retriever needing a very special home.She’s 7 Vaccinated & chipped but she suffers with cluster fits which means she will experience a cluster of fits every 4 to 6 months on average. This can be quite daunting if you have never seen an animal fit and during these fits she will loose control of her bladder and sometimes her bowels god love her. She is presently on medication called Epiphen which depending on dosage is around 11p per tablet. Her weight needs monitoring as she will eat too much of anything if you let her. Her last guardians had her for 3 years before returning her because she didn’t want to go on long walks. This girlie likes her home comforts so if you can cope with her fits and have a garden she can trot around in she would be happy. A quiet home is needed without children or other pets although she is good with everything she needs calm continuity and as much love and care as she can get which she will give it back tenfold. If you fit this description please call the rescue on 01234 356612 Dottie is presently in Northants.


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